Radon Mitigation | Residential, Commercial, Real Estate Transaction…

Our promise:

We will assess and design each system custom to each home and clients needs (considering all design and location options for aesthetic purposes) and work will adhere to industry standards.

Our goal:

To reduce annual radon level average below 4.0pCi/l (action level set forth by EPA).

Quote from the owner:

“We have the experience, equipment, and technology to reduce Radon gas levels across northwest Indiana and thats what we are going to do”

  • Radon Mitigation NRPP Certification #: RTM 00897
  • Radon Mitigation Indiana State License #: RT 107289
Check out our listing on their national website at AARST-NRPP.com.

Areas we serve:


  1. Why? Homeowner has already tested and Radon levels are above 4.0pCi/l and needs Radon mitigation system installed.
  2. Who? Homeowner or tenant/occupant.
  3. Where? Residential house they live in.
  4. When? Real estate transactions require radon mitigation if levels are above 4.0pCi/l(action level set by EPA). However, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to request levels mitigated below 2.0pCi/l as the EPA also states that levels between 2pCi/l and 4pCi/l can still pose a threat.

2.Commercial Building:

Building owner or tenant concerned about Radon levels for occupants/employees of commercial buildings (schools, churches, hotels, and office space) or building has been sold and is under contract and needs mitigation system installed before closing.

3. Real Estate Transaction: (Residential and Commercial)

  1. Why? House or commercial building is under contract, Radon levels test high, needs radon mitigation system installed before closing…
  2. Where? At house/ building being sold/bought…
  3. When? House/ building is under contract and levels are above 4.0pCi/l(action level set by EPA) and needs mitigation before closing…

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