Lake County Inspections: Home / Residential and Commercial Property Inspections.

“Since 2003, CHI remains the industry leader in commercial & residential property inspection service. Nearly half of our business comes from Lake County. Our inspectors have enjoyed the experience and are grateful for the opportunity to inspect such a wide variety of residential and commercial properties, such as: historic commercial buildings in downtown Hobart, new construction in Winfield and Dyer, and thousands of residential homes spanning from Crown Point through Highland and Munster. We are everywhere!”

– Jim Ullom, Owner

We perform residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family property inspections in Lake County.

Our inspections can be accompanied by Pest and Mold Inspections upon request providing the client with perhaps the most complete property inspection on the market today.

Lake County inspection features typically include:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • On-Site Digital Reports
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

Qualified, Experienced, and Proficient: Contact Certified to schedule your inspection.

Remember to ask about our additional services:

  1. Water Testing
  2. Radon Testing
  3. Pest/Mold Inspections
  4. Lead/Asbestos Identification

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