Home Inspection Services in Northwest Indiana

Our residential home inspections require about 2-3 hours (more for older homes) and we would like to walk you through the property at the end of the inspection to answer your questions and physically point out all of the repairs to you. By walking you through we can show you where the water, gas and electrical cut-offs are located, as well as point out our findings to you. You are not just receiving a home inspection, but also an education about the home.

Here’s a general list of what we inspect:

Inside The Home:

Heating System

  • Visible portion of heating plant and components. Inspect all of the HVAC ductwork, plenum, and heating system( Boilers, electric baseboard, heat pumps, and wood burning stoves).

Plumbing System:

  • Test all sinks, showers, toilets, faucets, drains. Inspect condition of water heater, water softener, water pipes and drains.

Electrical System:

  • Check outside entrance wiring and all visible wiring. Inspect overhead mast from roof and overhead electric wires condition and height from ground
  • Check the entire Electrical System, including opening up the main electrical panel. Inspect for double-tapping, faulty breakers, gfci outlets, and handyman wiring.
  • Test outlets, switches, light fixtures in every room.

Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows:

  • General condition and specific problem search for sloping, bulging, and uneven floors(trip hazards).


  • Visible roof sheathing and moisture test, adequate ventilation, framing type and depth of the insulation. Inspect for Bio-growth(Mold), insulation containing Asbestos, and open electrical boxes.
  • Go inside the ATTIC (where possible), checking for roof leaks, rodent penetration, and structural defects.


  • Inspect the foundation for leaning, bowing, water damaged walls, and effervescence. Inspect condition of foundation drainage(sump pump and discharge)
  • Inspect the load bearing areas(main support beam and posts), floor joist, and subfloor.

On the Exterior:

Gutters and Downspouts Extensions

  • Look at the overall condition, the slope, and the ability to carry rainwater away from the house and look for any signs of dampness in basement caused by rainwater.

Roof, Chimney and Flashing

  • Examine and Walk theĀ entireĀ roof.
  • Check the shingles for cracking and signs of aging, flashings, chimneys, and plumbing vents, for any signs of damage or discrepancies.

Siding, Trim, Doors, Windows and Storm Windows

  • Check for proper installation, closure and condition. Inspect for construction gaps on exterior shell, failed/fogged windows, and deteriorating trim.

Foundation and Landscaping

  • Inspect the outside grading and overall lot drainage and the effects on the foundation.
  • Check the foundation walls, inside and out for horizontal, step, and vertical settling cracks, and any water damage present.

Driveways, Patios, Decks and Porches

  • Inspect all concrete for settling and sloping, the decks condition and attachment to the house, and any sheds or outbuildings on the property.

Air Conditioner Compressor

  • Check operational functionality. Inspect condition of condenser fins, refrigerant lines and insulation, age of unit.

Each home inspection we perform comes with the following guarantees:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • On-Site Digital Reports
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

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