Long Beach, IN Home & Property Inspections: Residential & Vacation.

Long Beach is the pearl of Northwest Indiana. It’s the playland of Hoosiers and Chicagoans alike, both in both summer and winter. It’s such a natural attraction that Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, John Lloyd Wright, established an architecture firm and spent over 20 years design homes for the area. Unrivaled access to beaches, boating, gaming, and shopping make Long Beach a destination for those fortunate enough to discover it.

With such overabundance of alluring elegance, it can be easy for even the most seasoned professional to overlook the details when inspecting these properties.

Luckily, we’re used to Long Beach.

While we’re impressed by the beach area’s opulent beauty, we’re not blinded by it. That which would be distractions for others are but reminders for us to stay thorough. The bigger the home, the more opportunity for inspection issues, especially with sands, lakefront winds, and lake-effect weather.

Our home & property inspections in Long Beach, IN come with the following features:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Free Pest Inspection
  • Free Mold Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

These features are included for all property inspections: residential, commercial, and vacation.

Types of inspections we’ve performed in the Long Beach, IN area:

There isn’t a type of house between the stops in Long Beach for which we haven’t performed an inspection. From the shoreline mansions to the original rustic cabins and everything in between, we’ve inspected it in Long Beach.

With all that nature…

Because of all the wooded areas, we understand the need for Pest inspection. Such critters including termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles also love the Long Beach area. That’s why we include free pest inspection with every Long Beach home & property inspection.

“Once we performed a house inspection in Long Beach that had hidden Termite damage. We found termite mud tubes and termite tunneling to the main support beams and floor joist in a crawlspace. The potential buyer was ecstatic that we found the estimated $22,000 in hidden damage to the framing structure before they purchased the home.”

Looking for Radon Inspections? We do those as well.

We are certified & experienced to conduct radon testing and measurement throughout Indiana. For more information on why top government agencies are concerned with radon, read this article.

Long Beach. Great Inspections.

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