Home & Property Inspections in Griffith, IN

Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso has performed numerous home inspections in Griffith, IN over the past ten years, and every time it’s a new and enjoyable experience. This friendly town grew from a railroad hub to a farming town, then from a farming town to its current manifestation as a lively suburb of the Chicago metropolitan area. Throughout all of these transformations though, Griffith retained the affable atmosphere it was originally known for, which is why our home inspectors feel lucky to serve the great people of this town.

Thankfully, the realty business in Griffith is as lively as its residents. In the past decade, the town has continued its growth southward. This has offered numerous opportunities for us to work with the knowledgeable and professional realtors of Griffith, as well as a number of its future (now current) citizens. Working in this historical community exposes us to a unique and interesting variety of architectural styles in its residential, commercial and industrial properties. We’ve also had the opportunity to watch the town grow as it adds residents and neighborhoods, expanding its bike and pedestrian trails, parks and public activity spaces, and retail industry in response.

For these reasons and more, we can see why Griffith, IN is a popular moving destination. If you need a home inspected, don’t hesitate to call us at Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso. Our licensed home inspectors provide a thorough examination of a property’s interior and exterior components, and are delivered by qualified professionals. In addition to home inspections, Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso offers: well and septic testing, mold detection, pest inspection, radon testing and water testing. See our “Services” tab for more information, or get in contact with us today. We’d love to have the opportunity to work with you and help you find a home in Griffith.

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