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With its rich history, thriving commerce, and a lakefront location complete with sweeping vistas of the Chicago skyline, Whiting, IN has always been a pleasure to visit as we inspect homes for clients. Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso, Inc. has been making trips up the highway to this Lake County community since 2003. The vibrant economy of the area provides us the experience to serve a variety of properties, from the historical to the newly developed. Certified Home Inspectors are qualified to inspect them all.

Whiting was established in 1889 when Standard Oil Company picked the burgeoning settlement as the site of its new oil refinery. Located next to Lake Michigan, Whiting provided access to both rail and water. Standard Oil acted as an economic catalyst, and Whiting grew exponentially with the increase in work. To this day the refinery, now operating under BP, still dominates the industrial landscape of the town. New residents are frequently drawn to the town by jobs at Whiting Refinery, the Midwest’s largest oil refinery. The town has also come to be known for its great location, friendly atmosphere, and various opportunities for recreation and entertainment. The Whiting Pierogi Festival, for example, is nationally renowned and attracts nearly 200,000 visitors every year.

New residential and commercial developments on Whiting’s shoreline as well as the refinery’s constant pull of new residents has created an increased demand for home inspections in Whiting, IN. Whether you’re a recent arrival or have history in Whiting as old as the refinery, we’re here to serve your homes and buildings. Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso offers a variety of services to help ensure your quality of living is at its highest. Our company offers residential home inspections, commercial-lite building inspections, Radon testing, water/septic testing, and pest inspections . Surveying properties for hazardous materials like Asbestos, foundation soundness, water or termite damage, and overall condition helps you save money and stress by addressing the repairs now to prevent future damage and unknown expense later.

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