Winfield, IN Home & Property Inspections.

Hidden between Valparaiso and Merrillville, Winfield, In. (46307) is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Indiana. Winfield was incorporated in 1993 and became part of Winfield Township/Lake County making it one of the newest towns in the county. Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso have been inspecting homes in this gem of a town for nearly 10 years now

Our most memorable Winfield Home Inspection

Our most memorable moment was the day we were called out to inspect a 3 building/150 unit/apartment complex. We sent 3 inspectors out that day to tackle one of our largest inspections ever. Needless to say, Winfield is chalked full of excellent construction/building contractors and these units were well built and neatly finished. It took Certified Home Inspections 3 days to complete the task. We are proud to say that these units are now fully occupied and provide safe/efficient living for many Lake County residents. We did discover some notched-out floor joists before drywall installation created by a plumbing company that was in a hurry. Following Certified’s inspection, they were asked to return and repair all notched-out floor joists at no charge.

We pride ourselves on performing thorough home inspections to protect the buyer, seller, builder, realtor, and banks. The owners and investors on that project treated Certified’s home inspectors to lunch at Buddy and Pals when they were all finished to thank us for a job well-done.

We get great satisfaction from driving by a house, apartment complex, or commercial office that has been inspected by our company because we know the occupants are living in a safe and healthy environment. We focus on finding major health hazards; like Mold, Termites, Asbestos, Lead paint, and Radon gas. Our goal is to ensure the buyer/client that each unit we inspect is well built and free of these health hazards. We understand that these are serious concerns and Certified Home Inspections promises to address them as such.

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