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We started perfecting our craft by inspecting homes and properties in and around Valparaiso, IN. As word got out about our services and the quality of our work, we grew our service area. Had we known we would be so successful so quickly, we might have picked a name with more of a regional reach than, Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso.

As it stands, we continue to burst at the seams with the breadth and quality of our services as well as our service area – which now covers all of Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan


List of our Inspection Services include:

  • Residential Home and Property Inspections: 300-point inspections for residential properties including homes, houses, townhouses, condos, apartments, and farms as well as acreage.
  • Commercial Building and Property Inspections: Certified is certified in Property Condition Assessments and Reports for Commercial and Industrial inspections. From retail stores to manufacturing facilities. Hotels, included.
  • Mold Air Testing: We have the latest technology and training to check the quality of the air for your buildings and properties.
  • Property Condition Assessments: Commercial Property Evaluations, Walk-Thru Surveys, Property Condition Assessments (PCA’s), Property Condition Reports (PCR’s)…
  • Radon Testing: We are licensed Radon inspectors, able to test soil and home foundation for contaminants including Uranium 238, Polonium 214, and, of course, Radon gas.
  • Pest Inspections
  • Water Testing: We check wells and drinking supplies to check for contaminants containing E. Coli, Nitrates, Lead, and more in compliance with the Safe Water Drinking Act.
  • Thermal Imaging: For as good as the human eye can be, there are simply things it can’t pick up. With thermal imaging, we can better detect issues such as heat & energy loss, air infiltration, broken radiant heating systems, moisture issues, and overloaded circuits. We also use them for pest infestation.
  • Mold Detection: That musty smell is probably more than just having the house locked up for a long period of time. With our mold detection systems, we can detect and spot mold issues in the home and property. We use such tools as Zefon Z-Lite Linear Pumps and Air-O-Cell sampling cassettes to track issues down.

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