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Westville is home to an awesome down-home community with hard-working farmers as well as a younger generation commuting to work because they like to live out in the country. Nowadays, the town includes students attending Purdue Northwest University while residing in the newer apartment complex built for student housing, right across US 421 from the campus.

Speaking of the school, graduates of Purdue University Northwest include Certified Home Inspector’s founder, Jim Ullom – back when it was Purdue University North Central.

Certified Home Inspections’ “one stop shop” appeals to clients in Westville due to the need for testing water in the rural areas. This alleviates the hassle of tracking down, vetting, and hiring multiple contractors to perform water testing along with:

  • home inspection
  • property inspection
  • pest inspection
  • mold inspection
  • radon testing

Certified Home Inspections performs it all..

Our home & property inspections in Westville, IN come with the following features:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Free Pest Inspection
  • Free Mold Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

These features are included for all property inspections: residential, commercial, and agrarian.

Types of inspections we’ve performed in the Westville, IN area:

Westville is a rural area. Therefore, the majority of homes outside of the small town possess well water and septic systems.

We recommend water testing for bacteria to make sure sewage from the septic field isn’t seeping into the well water system, contaminating drinking water, thereby making it unsafe.

Also, a lot of farms spray chemicals on their property. If property lines are adjacent to farmers fields we recommend testing the water for Nitrates/Nitrites.

Lastly, many older farm houses in Westville have an increased possibility of lead water pipes.

Many times FHA mortgages will require testing for bacteria, nitrates, and lead.

Certified Home Inspections offers all 3 tests – bacteria, nitrates, & lead – in a package deal price.

Types of inspections performed in Westville.

We’ve inspected an old diner downtown, quite a few iconic farmhouses, and recently, a few in the newer subdivisions of Water Tower Place and Carriage Hills. A few years ago, we had the privilege of inspecting one of the estates on Indiana State Road 2.


Kris Johnsen wrote:

“Jim’s a straight shooter. He was honest with me about the house he inspected and saved me a ton of money and a few years of headaches. He stopped me from making a huge mistake. Completely professional and straight to the truth. When I find another house, I will hire him again. Thanks again!!”

For more testimonials, check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, & Yelp.

Case Study from a nearby inspection in Michigan City

From our founder, Jim Ullom:

“We were called out to inspect a musty smell in a ranch on a crawl space. ‘Discovered surface bio growth – aka “mold” – in the crawlspace covering the entire underneath of the flooring structure. The sump pump discharge had sprung a leak in the crawl, the crawl vents were dirty limiting air flow, and the furnace duct-work was leaking heat into the crawl causing condensation. All of these factors contributed to high humidity/moisture causing mold and musty smell. We recommended a mold contractor remediate before repairs were completed by qualified contractors.”

Looking for Radon Inspections? We do those as well.

We are certified & experienced to conduct radon testing and measurement throughout Indiana. For more information on why top government agencies are concerned with radon, read this article.

Westville, the “best” ville.

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