Certified Home Inspections utilizes Thermal Imaging with infrared technology to locate “thermal anomalies” and detect/interpret temperature differences of building materials and mechanical systems to discover hidden defects in a non-invasive manner. This process reveals valuable information about the condition of a structure or mechanical system that would have otherwise gone unnoticed during a standard inspection as most home inspectors are not qualified to offer Thermography as an additional service.  

We are able to locate hot spots in electrical panels thanks to Infrared thermal imaging scans

 Our ITI Certified Residential Thermographer is qualified and equipped to evaluate residential and commercial structures to identify hidden defects and leaks within roofing systems, moisture damage and heat loss in interior walls and ceilings, electrical hot-spots, plumbing leaks, lack of insulation, radiant systems, mechanical systems, and even pest infestations. 

Home buyers love it when we discover hidden radiant floor heating systems with the IR camera

Certified’s CRT uses the industry-leading Flir camera to scan the interior and exterior of structures and mechanical systems for hidden defects and systems such as radiant floor heating systems most commonly discovered in basement and bathroom floors as pictured below.

We are Certified Residential Thermographers