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When we first opened our doors in 2003, we never expected to reach all the way over to Dyer. Maybe we didn’t dream big enough. Maybe it’s the mass migration of Chicagoans. Maybe it’s the town’s consensus to upgrade, maintain, and grow.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a combination of many, many things, culminating Dyer’s near-perfect mix of new construction, commercial buildings, and classic houses built in early 1900’s that draw buyers and sellers and with them, us.

Just maybe.

Our home & property inspections in Dyer, IN come with the following features:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Free Pest Inspection
  • Free Mold Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

These features are included for all property inspections: residential, commercial, and vacation.

Types of inspections we’ve performed in the Dyer, IN area:

Over the years, the inspections performed in Dyer have included that iconic mix of old and new homes. We’ve also inspected multi-family units, a few strip mall & commercial retail properties, a restaurant, and a 20,000-square foot medical facility.

A quick case study of a signature inspection in Dyer.

We inspected a house built in 1927 that had hidden Termite damage.
Termites need water to survive. Therefore, they nest in wet, shady areas. Often, negative grade around the foundation and poor gutter systems can create wet conditions for their survival. Whenever we discover these conditions are present our inspectors are already thinking about the possibility of termite damage before we even enter the basement to inspect the structure. Inspecting every square inch of the complete beam, floor joist, and rim joist system we found small mud tubes running along each gap (same color as the wood framing members). This repair on structural framing and support members can be extensive, approximately $30,000 in structural repairs on this one. The buyer was thankful that we discovered this major hidden expense and structural defect prior to their purchase and they instead choose to walk away.

Dyer, IN inspection testimonial.

Daniel Ormos wrote:

“Very professional and helpful! If I had questions, they had answers. Thorough review and shared pictures of every single thing necessary. I definitely recommend them for your home inspection!”

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From the founder, Jim Ullom:

“Most don’t know Dyer is home to the Chi-Town Shooters, a minor league professional hockey team and member of the All American Hockey League. It’s always a blast to go to their games.”

Note: EPA radon maps shows high levels in Lake County.

We are certified & experienced to conduct radon testing and measurement throughout Indiana. We are equipped to handle the high demand of radon testing requests with multiple continuous radon monitors on hand. Our clients receive quick turnaround results emailed typically within 2 business days.
For more information on why top government agencies are concerned with radon, read this article.

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