Cedar Lake, IN, Home & Property Inspections.

Cedar Lake, Indiana home inspection | commercial, industrial & residential
Cedar Lake, Indiana home inspections by certified residential, commercial, industrial & property inspectors. Also available: Pest, mold, radon & water testing.

Historically a popular vacation destination, Cedar Lake boasts a thriving community of active citizens. Its residents are just as dedicated to local commerce and civic engagement as they are to their indulgence for water sports on their 800+ acres of water.

The team at Certified has performed inspections of all kinds in Cedar Lake. We’ve developed an expansive knowledge base of the types of buildings and construction common to the area, as well as a general familiarity with the region.

We offer full-service home inspections in Cedar Lake as well as the surround central Lake County, Indiana areas. Our highly-rated inspection services include:

  • Full 300-Point Property Inspection
  • Video and / or Pictures for Samples
  • On-Site Digital Reports
  • Same-Day Emailed Reports

Certified Home Inspections also does full-service Property Condition Assessments and Commercial Building and Property Inspections.

Our services include hotel and hospitality properties. If you would like to learn more about these services, contact us today.

Lakeside in Cedar Lake

Throughout the year Cedar Lake hosts a variety of festivals, sailing competitions, and golf tournaments. For these reasons and more, Cedar Lake, IN is a popular moving destination.

Whether you’re along the lake or a little deeper into the trees, if you need a home inspected in Cedar Lake, don’t hesitate to call us at Certified Home Inspections. Our home inspections provide a thorough examination of a property’s interior and exterior components, and will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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