About Certified Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspections has proudly served northwest Indiana and SW Michigan since 2003. Our company and licensed inspectors provide professional commercial and residential property inspections performed above and beyond typical industry standards. In addition to residential and commercial property inspections, our services include: WDI(pest) inspections, Mold Air Testing and Mold inspections, Radon testing, and Water testing(Bacteria, Lead, Nitrates).

All home inspection companies posses varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, inspectors, and pricing. We understand the importance of performing a detail-oriented property inspection and delivering a quality and accurate report promptly. This requires commitment, hard work, focus, and patience.

In the end, the quality of your home inspection relies solely on the inspector’s individual effort and experience. I guarantee we will provide you with our very best effort and commitment on a daily basis.


– Jim Ullom. Certified Home Inspections

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