As our owner Jim Ullom puts it, “Attention to detail on window and door inspections is often overlooked by many inspection companies. Many times buyers will be fully moved-in before they realize they need to replace all of the doors or windows.”

Certified Home Inspections isn’t like most inspection companies. No matter what areas of the home we are inspecting, we never leave our clients and their families in the dark. Our thorough inspection process always results in giving families the best possible information they need to make their home-buying decisions.

The Door Inspection

As soon as our inspectors step through the door, one of the first things we do is open, close, lock and latch every single window. As we test the functionality, we also carefully check each window for a list of possible issues, including: cracked glass; fogged or condensated glass; warped or water-damaged frames; worn or damaged counterbalance mechanisms; damaged/missing hardware; the condition of the screens; code violations. How could a window be a code violation you ask? Well, in many older homes the attic space has been finished and serves as a bedroom. However, the window openings are usually too low to the floor level creating a safety hazard for smaller children.

The Window Inspection


After each window is meticulously inspected, we summarize our findings into the report. The home inspection report includes a wide range of information, including the window style (double-hung, single sash, casement, awning, bay, or jalousie), the window material (vinyl, wood, clad, steel), the current age and approximate life expectancy, and the overall condition of window (fogged, cracked, condensating, stained). 

Our door inspection procedures are very similar, in that we take time to inspect each one individually. Moreover, we take extra care to double-check for any safety hazards such as improperly functioning locks or non-tempered glass. In our extensive report, our clients can expect to find the material of the door(wood, steel, fiberglass), any physical damage to each one, and all safety hazards we identify (including missing or improper locks and latches and self-closure devices for fire separation). Our report includes the condition of the fire door between the garage and living space as well. We inspect all of the doors all of the time!

Certified Home Inspections is committed to giving our clients the best possible information, starting with doors and windows and extending to every other area of the house, so that our clients can rest assured their new home is safe, operational, and move-in ready.