Suffering from sinus headaches or dry skin? Do the kids shock themselves on metal handrails and each other? Are the floors squeaky when walked on?

If so, its possible dry conditions exist within your home. Whole house humidifiers can help eliminate these symptoms by increasing the humidity level in your home. These, easy to install, humidifiers are inexpensive and offer a number of benefits to the home and people living in it.

Whole house humidifiers are inexpensive and create comfortable living environments

Whole house humidifiers increase the humidity level in a home and can eliminate sinus headaches and dry, irritated nasal passages caused by breathing dry air. The higher humidity can also eliminate dry, itchy skin developed from dry air. Building materials within a home, such as drywall, carpet, and wood flooring welcome normal humidity levels as they dry out over time. Proper moisture levels create a comfortable environment and decrease the need for heat. Moist air feels warmer than dry air allowing us to reach a comfort level sooner decreasing the amount of heat needed. For example, if your comfort level in dry air is 70 degrees then it is possible to achieve that same comfort level in humid conditions at 68 because moist air feels warmer allowing us to run the furnace less.

Humidifiers are sold in most local hardware stores and are simple to install. Maintaining the proper moisture level in your home is important through all seasons of the year.