Certified Home Inspections of Valparaiso has developed a unique method of providing high quality customer service that enables clients to enjoy a positive and stress free experience during the home-buying/inspection process. This process is initiated by one of three methods, a phone call, text, or email to the Certified Home Inspections headquarters requesting information about the home inspection, cost, and inspector availability. Rarely, does a caller receive our voicemail message as we make every effort possible to answer our phone when it rings. If an inspection request is sent to us via e-mail or text, the buyer can expect a response immediately because all electronic communications are monitored closely and frequently at Certified Home Inspections. We understand the buyer’s time is limited because most banks require an inspection be completed within 10 days from the accepted offer for most real estate transactions. Certified Home Inspections guarantees delivery of the report by 9am the morning following the inspection.

When a prospective client calls Certified Home Inspections all pertinent information regarding the home is collected and an estimate is calculated. Certified Home Inspections always offers a free Pest Inspection with every Home Inspection thats ordered. Next, Certified presents the buyer with the cost for that particular home inspection and explains about our on-line debit/credit card payment system. If the home-buyer agrees to the proposed amount then the home inspection is placed on the weekly schedule and our inspectors are notified of the new job. In the next step, Certified immediately calls the Listing Agent to confirm the date and time and also seek approval from the homeowner to perform this inspection. After both parties acknowledge and accept our request to inspect the home, the listing company issues Certified a CBS Code. This code allows us to access the home by unlocking a lockbox through the use of an app on our smartphone called the E-key, provided by GNIAR(Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors).

Upon arrival to the property, our inspectors will perform an in-depth and thorough home inspection covering 300 items. The home inspection findings are presented to the client and real estate agent verbally upon completion and in a pdf file emailed within 24 hours of the home or commercial inspection. The inspection report includes information regarding the condition of the home, contains pictures with comments (recommendations for repair), and a Summary Page listing any major defects, electrical hazards, safety issues, or structural problems discovered during the inspection process. Upon completion, Certified Home Inspections will offer the buyer an opportunity to walk through the house with the inspector to ask questions and discuss all issues regarding the condition of the home and the findings on that day. We refuse to leave the property until we are convinced that our client fully understands and completely feels comfortable with all of the findings presented to them by the inspector regarding the report and current condition of the home. Lastly, the buyer will meet with his/her Realtor to discuss our findings and assemble a response for the seller and seller’s agent to review. Following the inspection, Certified is always readily available to answer our clients questions regarding the report or the outcome of the home inspection.