A roof, like a furnace, air conditioner, set of windows, or driveway, can be expensive to replace. The cost of roof replacement can widely vary between $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of the home and the quality of the roofing materials used. Our clients have a right to know approximately how much time remains before the roof will fail and require replacement for which they could be financially responsible.

A roof contains two major parts: the sheathing deck, or underlayment, and the roofing material, or shingle, that covers it. Certified Home Inspections inspects both for structural integrity, life expectancy, and their current condition.

Our inspectors will walk every rooftop providing an accurate evaluation of the complete roofing system; which includes flashings, skylight windows, chimneys, gutters, roof and plumbing vents. Occasionally our roof inspections become challenging due to the height and pitch of the roof on some of the bigger homes. However, we are prepared and offer our client short videos and photos captured via our DJI Phantom drone camera. Finally, we determine the quality of shingles used and if the installation was completed in a professional manner.

Certified carefully evaluates the underside of the roof from inside the attic space. In an attempt to provide our client with a professional attic inspection we utilize the best lighting available in the industry. Proper lighting allows us to spot surface biogrowth/Mold (usually caused from lack of attic/roof ventilation) located on attic framing or plywood sheathing. In addition to the roof underlayment inspection, our inspectors evaluate the attic framing/structure, insulation, ventilation system, electrical wiring and hvac ductwork for possible defects before exiting the attic.

Upon completion of the exterior roof and interior attic inspections we complete the documentation and prepare to present our findings to the client. Our goal is to help the client fully understand the functionality, condition, and any possible defects within the roofing, attic system, and all their components.

Certified Home Inspections considers the roof system to be one of the “Big Ticket Items” and will make sure our client understands it’s life expectancy and condition before purchasing the home.