In our never-ending attempt to provide the best possible service for our expanding customer base, we recently received our Property Condition Assessment Certification of Completion from ASTM International, the standard for inspecting all aspects of commercial buildings.

Who is ASTM International?

Heralded and regarded worldwide, ASTM International is an international standards organization that tests, organizes, and collaborates on over 12,000 voluntary standards for products and services, including residential and commercial property inspections. They provide continual training and certifications on their standards both online and at events, like the one we attended in Chicago earlier this month.

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Per the ASTM website, the certification reaffirmed our ability to do the following:

  • Describe procedures for conducting a walk-through survey
  • List the key areas that should be included in a PCR
  • Establish reasonable expectations for PCRs
  • Identify the property’s physical deficiencies
  • Interpret a PCR.

“The PCA certification is just another example of how we’re branching out to meet the growing demand,” remarked Jim Ullom, founder of Certified Home Inspections. “It allows our company an opportunity to stay ahead of industry benchmarks and qualifies us to inspect a much broader variety of buildings. We aren’t intimidated by size and look forward to inspecting the biggest buildings around. Maybe one day our team will inspect the mall!”

When asked about the need to cover high-rise buildings in an area where few exists, Jim Ullom was poignant.

“The certification not only qualifies us to evaluate new buildings, but we are prepared to perform inspections on existing structures as well. If the property owner builds an addition, renovates, or simply does repair work, we’re ready, willing, and trained to cover those events as well.”

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