Certified Home Inspections has discovered approximately 80% of homes in northwest Indiana are inadequately vented causing homeowners unwanted, unexpected expenses. Improper roof and attic ventilation causes elevated heating/cooling costs, ice dams, cooked shingles, and Mold/moisture damage to framing/roof sheathing and attic insulation. Ensuring your attic is properly vented can help eliminate and minimize costly repairs caused by lack of ventilation.

 Inadequate attic ventilation directly affects the cost of cooling the house in the Summer. Excessive heat and humidity trapped in the attic can migrate down into the living space forcing the air conditioner to work overtime increasing energy usage and shortening the life expectancy of the air conditioner.

 The formation of ice dams on the roof and gutters are another symptom of poor attic ventilation in the Winter. Heat from the interior of the home can migrate into the attic(especially if poorly insulated) and melt the snow on the roof. The melted snow runs down the roof under existing snow onto the eave and gutter where it can re-freeze. This refrozen ice can build up under the roof covering causing leaks, damaged walls/ceilings/ roof structure/insulation.

 Premature shingle curling/cracking/burn spots are also caused by lack of attic ventilation. An architectural shingle rated to last 30 years could deteriorate in 10-15 years under poorly ventilated conditions. Many shingle manufacturers warranties aren’t honored if poor attic ventilation is present. The knowledgeable roofing contractor will calculate and install proper ventilation prior to installing a new roof.

 Finally, controlling the humidity level in the attic space is crucial to prolonging the life of the structure and insulation. In the Summer months, colder evening air can condensate and collect on wood framing/sheathing/insulation. During Winter, moisture migrates up from the living space and can condense in the attic causing water damage. Wet insulation loses its effectiveness and can cultivate Mold, causing staining or deteriorated ceilings.

 Professional, reputable, educated roofing contractors can calculate and install proper attic ventilation through soffit, gable, ridge, and other roof and solar venting systems creating a comfortable home with lower energy costs. Certified’s attic inspection is one of the most important aspects of our home inspection. We promise an inspector will enter your attic and evaluate the condition of the ventilation system and and any damages caused by lack there of.